nwc2ly.py was created for helping me convert 1.75 nwc to 2.4 ly files.


Get the latest version from the cvs. Download it here. View it here.


Syntax: python nwc2ly.py source.nwc output.ly


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Creates Nice Lilypond Scores for NoteWorthy Composer Files

Get the best of all both worlds. Use nwc2ly to generate lilypond files from nwc files.

It was created for the fun - trying to understand a binary file format, playing around Python, learning more of the features in NoteWorthy Composer, and giving me more in experience using Lilypond.



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How you could use it

You could try convert existing nwc files created by yourself, distributed by friends, or from the many sources available. NWC Scriptorium has 1952 pieces and The Cyber Hymnal has over 5,000 of hymns in the nwc format.

Another way is you could download and use Noteworthy Composer for note entries. Linux users, you can try the wine version of nwc composer.

Note: If you are using nwc version 2, you might want to use nwc2ly usertools exporter by Mike Wiering.

You would need python installed to run nwc2ly.py. If you have lilypond installed, most likely python has already been installed.

You can run nwc2ly on the command line typing something like this.
python nwc2ly.py source.nwc output.ly
If an error occurs, results of the conversion are dumped to the screen. Anyway, if the conversion messages are too many, try redirecting output to a file.
python nwc2ly.py source.nwc output.ly > debug.txt
If you have trouble converting files, please send your source nwc files probably with your output dump to me.

You can also trying changing some options in nwc2ly to adjust how your output lilypond file be like.
Open nwc2ly.py in an editor and change the settings variables under Options. Options available are debug, relativePitch, relativeDuration, barLinesComments, insertBeaming, insertSteming.

Tutorial using nwc2ly.py in LilyTool for jEdit with Cygwin



Share with me

Let me know how has this little tool help you, or the cool scores you managed to convert, or any cool tweaks and hacks used, bugs spotted or any features you hope for.

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